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Our Commitment
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Our Commitment

Quality Control

We believe quality control is a team effort. After completion of a background investigation, we provide all our employees with intensive training as well as excellent supervisory support. On-site orientation and training are conducted for each and every customer site, and we utilize a “team cleaning” method for the most effective results.


Cleaning is always performed behind locked doors.

Environmental Responsibility

We encourage and support LEED and Green Building (LEED-EB) programs. We are committed to providing a healthy environment for our clients. We choose to purchase supplies and equipment which are safe for our employees, customers and the environment. Recycling and hazardous material disposal practices are included as part of our regular training program.

A History of Success

Our strategies to implement high standards in our employees and our services result in far fewer tenant complaints than the industry average. Twenty-four hour customer service is also available to guarantee a response to any emergencies or challenges that may arise.


You will always recognize our employees. All CareMaster employees have a neat, clean uniform appearance. We believe all our employees are an important aspect to the operation of a building. Therefore, we train our employees to recognize their responsibility in developing a favorable reaction and interaction with the individuals who use the building daily.


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